Produce Studio Quality audio in
your Host’s voice
in minutes

Deepsync’s AI clones the Host’s voice and learns all the vocal features.
Produce any text script in Host’s audio in real-time.
Unlock efficiency & scale with powerful production platform.

Imagine creating audio
content that sounds like
you without speaking
a word.

Excerpt from The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries in
a fellow podcaster’s voice who never spoke
this. That’s the power of Deepsync.

Created AI voice
Clone your Host’s Voice with AI

News Anchors

Produce News content at scale
in your Anchor’s cloned voice
in 10+ languages.



Produce podcasts and short-audio
at scale in your Host’s cloned voice
in 10+ languages.



Produce content in your favourite
Influencer’s cloned voice at scale
in 10+ languages.

What does deepsync do?

Create audio content
in your voice and grow

First, Deepsync learns to speak like your Host’s voice

Creating audio at scale is hard. Deepsync uses voice cloning to speak like your Host, learning the accent and subtle expressions with precision. By fine tuning the voice, we create audio that sounds just like your Host.


Then, Generate dynamic audio with your content in minutes

From Broadcast to Podcast, Deepsync can produce any content blazingly fast without any background noises or retakes, saving upto 90% of the time and cost of production.

Plus, it sounds just like your Host's voice.


Lastly, Share & Grow your audio effortlessly across 10+ platforms

Not only does Deepsync help you effortlessly produce content that matters, it also helps in sharing your audio across 10+ platforms enabling your listeners to find and engage with you.

We empower creators

Supercharge your audio


Create in Minutes

Create quality audio in your own voice,
in minutes not hours or days with
just a script


Engage Regularly

Engage deeply with your listeners
by creating short content on a
regular basis.


Grow with Analytics

Grow your audio strategy across
channels, and increase your listener
base with our analytics.

Your voice is your brand. We
help you produce more audio,
to engage your listeners daily.



Hours of voices




hours saved


Hours saved
on average

Our Clients

Our clients have
experienced the power
of Deepsync’s production

Extramarks Education
Extramarks Education, India

Extramarks is among the fastest growing educational technology companies, with a global footprint. The company has a huge presence in India, South Africa & Indonesia.

Riddle Creative Studios
Riddle Creative Studios, Australia

Riddle creative studios is Boutique branding and content media house specializing in social media marketing, campaign planning, copy-writing and audio-visual production.

Passive Real Estate Investing
Passive Real Estate Investing, USA

Passive Real Estate Investing is a podcast by Marco Santarelli who is an investor and author. His podcast deals with Real Estate and he shares his wisdom through audio regularly.

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