Create short-audio & Grow

Unlike long podcasts that are created bi-monthly, Short-form audio
can be shared regularly such as an audio blog post or a daily
cooking recipe which we help create without manual effort.

Create with Deepsync

Deepsync creates your AI voice and lets you
create short form audio with just a script
saving 90% time and production costs.

Automatic Production

Your AI voice records short-form content for you.
By entering a script and editing in real-time,
it works 10x faster than manual recording.

Powerful Editing

The editor uses AI to automagically reduce friction.
Mix and match audios, sounds and music
to build the best audio experience.

Intuitive Learning

Deepsync supports Heteronyms, Abbreviations,
Currencies, websites and tons of other modes.
In meantime, it keeps getting better.

High Quality Downloads

Download your finished audio in HD .wav
file with professional ID3 Tags ready for
sharing on all major platforms and channels.

Grow with Deepsync

Deepsync lets you share your voice across
channels in high quality and helps you
grow your audio strategy.

Export your audio & share with
over 10+ channel integrations

Download your audio as beautiful Audioclips and share it
with tons of channels with millions of listeners
in one-click so you're always on top of the (audio) world.

Analyze and grow your listener base with
Analytics & Expert Guides

With our In-depth Analytics, you always see the front-view of
how your audio is performing.

We craft a ton of guides and lessons for the audio community
to help you craft great content and grow your listeners.

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